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Professional Development

2016-2017 PLC Log
The Spring 2017 semester was my first semester with Georgia Virtual School, so I made it a point to attend as many JIT (required), PLC, Faulty Meetings, etc. as possible.  I knew that there was much I didn't know and the best way to learn was to learn from the experts, those presenting at these synchronous training sessions for teachers.  I made a note of each of these sessions in my 2016-2017 Professional Learning Log and took notes during each session, which I linked to in the Log. 

At each session, I learned at least one thing that I was able to implement in my course IMMEDIATELY or that I want to implement in my next course.  These were very helpful and practical!  From these sessions, I've started a notebook page with all of the ideas I've gleaned that I want to implement next semester: Next Semester Ideas.

Professional Learning
Previously, I've found professional learning opportunities scheduled by my administration or district to be tedious and rarely relevant to my classroom.  However, the professional learning opportunities scheduled by Georgia Virtual School were IMMEDIATELY relevant to my classroom and quite engaging.  I found that the presenters genuinely cared about their presentation topic and wanted to find ways for their information to be relevant in the attendees' classrooms.

I attended every session this spring and I have learned a lot about how I would like to structure my next course with GAVS.

Just in Time
This semester, as a first year GAVS teacher, I am participating in a program for new GAVS teachers called Just in Time.  It meets every Monday via Adobe Connect and provides helpful information for new teachers.  This program is unlike other new teacher programs that I've attended, in that it is geared towards providing relevant information to our position with GAVS.  

We have explored a variety of topics and they've been very helpful.  I often refer to my notes from these sessions.

Spring 2017 PLS
This was my first chance to meet many of the folks I'd been working with or hearing from the past few months.  It was very helpful to have the opportunity to collaborate with one another in person.  I learned so many good ideas and I'm excited to implement some of those ideas this semester (ex: Helpful Information S'more) and some next semester (ex: Google form to log all Special Needs students in one place).  I took copious notes and they can be found here:
It was also good to hear that other teachers were having the same experiences within their courses.  It was a way to reinforce that I was doing things correctly and that my experience was not unlike the experience other teachers were having.  For example, I am not the only teacher that finds it difficult to get their students to attend synchronous sessions live.

New Instructor Preparation Course (NIPC)
In December 2016, I completed the NIPC.  This course was a whirlwind, but very helpful in preparing to teach with Georgia Virtual School.  Here are some of the notes I took while enrolled in the course:
I have often referred back to these (and other notes) that I took during the NIPC during this first semester teaching with Georgia Virtual School.

TOOL Course
May 2016, I completed the TOOL course in order to prepare myself for teaching with Georgia Virtual School.  The course was enlightening and I learned quite a bit about the online platform.  To read more of my reflections from this course, please visit my blog: Mrs. K Science: The Blog.  After completing this course, I earned the following badges: