Communicate: Differentiation Quest

posted May 19, 2016, 9:24 AM by Emily Kroutil   [ updated May 22, 2016, 12:45 PM ]
The best part of flipping my class was providing a variety of methods for my students to access, and hopefully master, the material.  Different students learn in different ways.  For example, I have a photographic memory, so I like to write down as much as possible when taking notes because I will be able to remember these notes later.  My husband, however, prefers to just sit and listen to the lesson and absorb the material that way.  It drives me crazy that he doesn't take notes and he, in turn, wonders why I waste so much time writing every little thing down.  Our students are the same way.  What works for one, won't necessarily be the best method for someone else.  This is why I like to provide my students a variety of ways to learn the content.  I provided my students access to the following:
  • a physical textbook and PDF of the textbook (so they can read it on their tablets, computers, etc. without carrying the huge textbook around)

Solving a Harder Free Fall Problem

  • Cornell-type notes for those that need more guidance when watching the videos
  • Links to other sites where the material is explained in a different, but still factual, way

During class, I would go over difficult concepts with the students and work in small groups with them.  I can see myself doing this with my virtual school students through video chats, where they can synchronously ask questions and I can help them work through any problems they are having with the material.