Communicate: Digital Feedback Quest

posted May 20, 2016, 8:56 AM by Emily Kroutil
I have created the following digital resources for helping my students.

  • Video solving a homework problem.  Projectiles are one of the most complicated parts of physics.  Students tend to struggle on these problems.  Even though I've shown them how to solve the problems, when they get to the practice problems, they often are at a loss as to how to start the problem or how to solve all of the steps.  I created this video to show the students how to start and solve their first homework problem.  This way, they can follow all the way through or simply skip to the part that they are stuck on.

Horizontal Projectile Homework Problem

  • I also created this Livescribe recording when working with a student and posted it online.  This was a way to explain a concept with a student at that moment, but also provide the feedback to other students if they needed it.  I could see myself doing this with synchronous sessions - recording them and making them available to other students as a way to help them understand concepts.
  • I created the online rubric below to evaluate the current event articles that my AP Environmental Science students turn in each month.  This gives me a place to award them points and also make comments.  As the year progresses, my comments usually get shorter because the students usually get better at writing their summaries.  The rubric below is from August, so it has quite a few comments to the student.  I try to make the comments as specific as possible so they can help the student as much as possible.

Hopefully, by having a variety of methods in my virtual toolbox (see what I did there?), I will be able to select the method most appropriate for the student and assignment and give them feedback that is genuinely useful and helps them improve their work in the future or understand the concepts being studied a little better.