Communicate: The Newsletter Quest

posted May 19, 2016, 8:28 AM by Emily Kroutil
When teaching a course that is entirely online, it is very important that instructors communicate with stakeholders.  I plan on using 3 main methods to communicate with people involved in my course (students, parents, and administration mostly):
  1. Email - this is a quick and easy asynchronous way to communicate with all stakeholders.

  1. My LMS - another asynchronous method of communication;  this is a good way to provide a lot of information to stakeholders at once.  They can access the information as they need it.  It also allows me to post announcements (see previous post for examples) as needed.

  1. Screencast/Video/Text chat/help sessions - A screencast is an asynchronous method and video/text chat/help is an asynchronous method for communicating with stakeholders.  I've included a YouTube screencast below since I don't have any virtual school students to video/text chat with.

Screencast Lecture

There are other methods for communicating with stakeholders, but I expect these will be the most common methods that I use and the others might be used as the situation warrants.