Create: Appearance Quest

posted May 21, 2016, 2:01 PM by Emily Kroutil
A great site for online learning is not merely a site that has great content, unfortunately.  Due to the nature of the internet and computers, some other factors are important as well:
  • layout
    • If a site does not have a good layout, it can be difficult to find material.  A good layout should be well-organized.  Visitors should be able to easily find what they are looking for and be able to quickly move between pages and content
    • This factor is closely tied to appearance.  The layout of a site involves planned white space, making sure text isn't too scrunched or spread out on a site, and if the site has ads, the ads do not distract from the content or get in the way of the content. 
  • media
    • The great benefit of online learning is not simply the availability of a wide range of content but that this content can be presented in a myriad of ways.  The best sites use a combination of words, images, and videos to present the content.  
  • appearance
    • The appearance of an online site is crucial.  It is not enough to have a site that has great content.  The content must be presented on the site in a way that engages learners.  Anyone can have a site with some facts and text (this site for example...), the best sites are ones that are a pleasure to look at and engage visitors to the site.

I found 10 instructional sites while exploring online learning modules. Sites that have sound design principles are highlighted in green and sites that do not have sound design principles are highlighted in red:
  1. Khan Academy
  2. The Physics Classroom
  3. Physics Hypertextbook
  4. Wolfram Alpha Science World
  5. PhET
  6. HyperPhysics
  7. Splung
  8. Algebra Lab
  9. A+ Physics
  10. Ncert Help
**Each of these links goes to their projectiles module to keep in line with the subject of my "Create" quests.