Create: Creating a Content Map Quest

posted May 20, 2016, 10:50 AM by Emily Kroutil
In physics, we have a unit called "Projectiles and Circular Motion".  This is one of the most difficult units of the year.  The learning objectives are written in the unit's Organizational Guide.  This also lists the resources available to the students and lists labs that must be completed during the unit.

This unit usually follows the following timeline:
  • Day of previous unit test (Day 0): Watch objectives 1-4  instructional videos and write down any questions
  • Day 1: Ask questions in class about objectives 1-4, take objective 1-4 quiz(zes), and begin watching objectives 5-6 videos.
  • Day 2: spend class time working on projectile problems and asking questions
  • Day 3: ask any additional questions about objectives 5-6, take objective 5-6 quiz(zes), and begin watching objectives 7-10 videos
  • Day 4: Horizontal Projectile Lab
  • Day 5: ask questions in class about objectives 7-10, take objective 7-10 quiz(zes); finish horizontal projectile lab (if needed)
  • Day 6: Circular Motion Lab
  • Day 7: Projectiles and Circular Motion summative assessment.
A concept map for this unit could look something like this: