Evaluate: Formative Assessment Quest

posted May 22, 2016, 1:49 PM by Emily Kroutil
At the beginning of the school year, I have every student fill out the following questionnaire: Student Info Sheet.This helps me get to know my students.  It asks questions like whether or not they have a job, whether or not they play a sport, and their thoughts on science.  This lets me get an idea of where my students are coming from and how involved they are in extracurriculars.  It also gets the kids used to submitting information online without having to worry about whether there is a right or wrong answer.

Once we get into the material of the course, I give a variety of formative assessments to gauge where my students are in the process of mastering the material.  Within the quizzes, the questions are grouped by learning objective so the students and I can easily see where the are doing well as far as mastering the content and where they need a little help.  My quiz is password protected and available to students registered for my course, so I've posted screenshots of a quiz from the Projectiles unit in my physics class:
I like this method because the quizzes are short and don't take up a lot of class time.  If the student has questions about the quiz, we discuss it together and they have the opportunity to take an alternate version of the quiz to demonstrate mastery of the material.  While the kids are working, I can also see their scores and "check in" on students whose scores might be low, but haven't come to see me to discuss their quiz results.