Focus: iPads

posted Feb 25, 2012, 10:59 AM by Emily Kroutil   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 4:10 PM ]
I've spent a lot of time thinking about a direction for my blog and what I can add to an already vibrant community of education bloggers.  I've decided to focus my blogging efforts on what I know and what I know I can contribute to the Ed Tech community.

I've used an iPad in the classroom since last year.  As the software and hardware improves, so does my classroom experience.  I've found a lot of useful apps in this time (and a lot of apps I KNEW would be useful, but turned out to be so-so).  I'd like to share this knowledge with others.

Also, if you have heard of an app or feature and you'd like me to try it out in my classroom, let me know!  My kids are great sports and will give blunt, but honest, feedback.

So, here goes....