Jigsaw 102: Going to Class

posted Sep 7, 2017, 5:11 PM by Emily Kroutil   [ updated Oct 5, 2017, 3:55 PM ]
I've used Pane 1 a few times in my courses.  Most frequently, I've used Pane 1 as a "fun" way to introduce a concept discussed in that session.  For the following video, I was discussing velocity (start at 3:15 to see the video):

Math of Physics Review

This video describes the difference between speed (scalar) and velocity (vector) and is useful the week this session was recorded, but also in a future module when we discuss vectors, something students tend to have difficulty with (you'll see the next video also discusses vectors...did I mention students struggle with having a magnitude AND a direction??).

The next video I used with my students had a clip from Despicable Me, but is entirely related to our content (I swear!).  I thought it might get the students laughing, maybe engage them a little bit, and then I could bring it back to physics after the clip (start at 3:18 to see my intro and the video and stopping at 6:15 will let you see my explanation after the video):

2D Motion Review

After the video, I brought it back to physics by reminding the students that vectors MUST have a magnitude AND direction, an important concept from the module we were currently studying.

I've also used it as a backup in my course as well.  I will pre-load instructional videos of myself solving the problems I hope to solve during the live session.  Then if my slate is not working, I can show an instructional video that shows me solving the problem.  I prefer to solve the problem live (I think it is more dynamic that way), but having the videos preloaded at least lets me know I've got a back up in case my preferred method doesn't work.  You can see in the screenshot below that I put the title of the video and the time within the video, so if I needed to use it, I'd be able to go right where I needed to be in the video without losing too much time during the session:
So the video that had this problem solved was called "Finding the Resultant" and I solved the problem starting at 3:10 and continued solving it until 9:31.  Here's what it looks like with the back up videos loaded in Pane 1:

And here's my attendance check: