Summer Lunch and Learn 2018: Screencasting

posted Jul 23, 2018, 11:11 AM by Emily Kroutil   [ updated Jul 23, 2018, 11:22 AM ]
I attended the Lunch and Learn hosted in Jigsaw.  I'm looking forward to implementing at least a few of the tips presented:
  • using the Welcome Escape room in my class
  • adding email templates in Outlook
  • creating a video in Camtasia with a quiz
  • entering zeros with Michael's tip that allows zeros and feedback stamps to be seen in the dropbox AND gradebook

Artifact Description:
Mary Ellen, Carrie, and I had already spent some time discussing screencasting on Yammer.  And they'd hinted towards Mary Ellen's presentation, so I was excited to see Mary Ellen's presentation.  At ME and Carrie's suggestion, I'd already downloaded Camtasia and made a video or two with it, but very sparingly.  I hadn't really looked into all of the other bells and whistles.

Fast forward to the day of the Lunch and Learn.  I received my course evaluation that morning and one of the comments was, "Not everyone has Microsoft."  I'm assuming the student meant Office.  And I felt terrible, because even though I had a news announcement in the course telling them they had Office 365, I guess they hadn't figured out how to download it or had never read the announcement, so they hadn't taken advantage of the entire suite of Office apps available to them.  So, I quickly recorded a little screencast to show them how to download Office365.  Then my kiddos woke up, so I left the video for another time.

After watching the Lunch and Learn and seeing the requirements for the badge, I decided to use the video I'd recorded that morning as my artifact.  I would get to play around with Camtasia and practice with some special effects, get a new video ready for my students, and create my artifact for the badge all at once!  Efficiency at it's finest!


How to Download O365 Apps

I actually recorded the video with QuickTime because, well, I'm used to QuickTime and it's habit.  Importing videos into Camtasia was easy.  Camtasia is similar to iMovie, which I've used extensively, but more-full featured.  I was able to blur my emails, put a big red arrow pointing to where they should click to download Office, and highlight a section that had important information they should look for when they are installing Office.

Future Professional Impact:
I expect to continue to use Camtasia.  It is very easy to quickly make an instructional video for a student showing them how to do something or teach them something from the content.  It is easy to make videos FERPA-compliant with the blur tool and they can be uploaded to YouTube directly.  I like uploading videos to YouTube because YouTube videos can be embedded directly to a variety of places: Google sites (pages like this), Smore newsletters, Feedback, emails, etc.