TOOL PLC 1718: November Monthly Focus - Preparing for Live Sessions Using Data Analysis

posted Nov 13, 2017, 1:03 PM by Emily Kroutil
The rest of my synchronous sessions for this semester (3! How has the semester gone by so quickly?!?) are going to be tailored to final exam review.  

To prepare for these reviews, I go into the test and look at the statistics for each question:

Then I choose the questions with the lowest % correct and put those into a powerpoint. The 3rd question under Direction MC, that only had a 33.33% correct rate is the question below:

I also make a slide at the beginning of each test's review that has all the formulas they should have on their formula sheet for that unit:

During the live session, I remind them that the session is focused on going over those frequently missed questions and not teaching the topics from those units.  If they want to see me teaching the topics, they can go to the synchronous session from that week linked in the User Links section.  

We have 11 units, so I broke the last 3 synchronous sessions into about 3 units/session.  If I tried to do all in one session, it would be VERY long and they wouldn't get many practice questions from each module.  

I also post an ELO for each review in a special dropbox section called "Extra Learning Opportunities".  They have to answer (and show their work) for 1 question (my choice, not theirs) from each unit covered in the review:
Then, I give them 1 pt back on their test(s).  This makes sure that each point back is actually tied to standards from that unit, which is important (and policy).

Doing the review this way takes a lot of prep on my end (looking through the questions, putting them into the powerpoint, solving them ahead of time, making sure I have all the formulas they will need, etc.), but I think it's worth it.

I've also been told in the past by students that this format is helpful because it gives them access to me working out as many possible test questions as possible and that these concepts/questions have reappeared on their final (I know this, obviously, since I know which questions can and cannot appear on the final, but its good to know they think it is helpful).