TOOL PLC 1718: October Monthly Focus - Jigsaw Whiteboard

posted Oct 21, 2017, 11:31 AM by Emily Kroutil

I've been trying to implement the Panes we discussed in Jigsaw 103, especially the whiteboard, as I think it could be useful, but I hadn't used it much at all for content-related stuff.  I had to pre-decide what I wanted to discuss in the Whiteboard.  This month, I decided to try adding images to the whiteboard and discussing/annotating these images in the whiteboard.  I had to upload these images as assets and tag them appropriately.  Then, I had to add the images to the session.  Next, I had to add the image to the whiteboard.  During the session, I put the whiteboard on follow me and discussed/annotated the image.  I'm not sure how it improved engagement, because no one attended either session live, but I liked having a large copy of the image for the students to really understand important concepts. 

Annotated image in 4 pane view: 


Annotated Image in 2 Pane View: 


IF you use the 2 pane view and "add whiteboard" and then put the whiteboard on follow me, the whiteboard will show up as a "strip", not the whole page.  IF you choose the "actual" vs. "fit", the image/text will look large on your screen, but still remain quite small on the student's screen.  So, the best way to use the whiteboard still seems to be the 4 pane view, at least until Jigsaw is changed. 

What I saw: 


What They Saw: 



Best Practices/Tips: 

1) Plan your session in advance.  Don't try to upload an image in the middle of your session.   

2) Before the live session, log into the session and go ahead and insert the image into the whiteboard so it is ready to go 

3) Make sure you put the screen on "follow me" so the students can see the image as large as possible while you are discussing it. 


I've been trying to experiment with the features I haven't tried yet instead of sticking to my same ol' same ol'.  I tend to be one of those "if its not broken, don't fix it," but sometimes an update or a renovation isn't a bad thing, even if it wasn't broken in the first place :)