Planbook by Hellmansoft

posted Aug 14, 2011, 8:07 AM by Emily Kroutil   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 4:13 PM ]

I’ve been using this software for almost two years and there are not many things that I say this about, but it has seriously changed my life.  I use this software to plan every day of each semester.  And when the semester is over, and I’m teaching the same thing again…I can migrate my start date to the new start date!  There’s a little bit of taking out the old semester’s holidays and adding in the new semester’s holidays, but that is nothing compared to redoing EVERYTHING each semester.

If I want to do something new, I add it in.  If I want to keep doing an activity I liked, I keep it in.  I can add units, assignments and due dates, standards, anything really.

Planbook also allows you to publish your lesson plans to a site called  This is really handy for those that don’t have websites or MobileMe.  I have MobileMe (something I plan on blogging about soon) and so I can publish my planbook directly to my MobileMe site and thus link it with my class website.  You can check out my planbook here:

Planbook works with either Mac OR PC.  There’s no creating a file on a mac and opening it on your school’s PC or vice versa.  I’ve heard the developer (a real-life, practicing chemistry teacher) is working on that.  You can also get Planbook for your iPad (search “Planbook Touch” in the App Store).  If you have a mac, your iPad and desktop/laptop version of Planbook can communicate due to Dropbox support.  I can create lesson plans on my iPad, sync them via dropbox and open them on my home computer to upload them to my website!!

Planbook also lets you email and print daily and weekly lesson plans for those of you that have to submit your lesson plans to your administrators.  Of course, you could always direct them to your lesson plans online if you publish them!

An individual membership to Planbook is $30 from  Or, if more than one person in your family is an educator, you can buy a family pack ($40) or if you want to split it with members of your department/school/etc, he has various levels of group memberships, ranging from $100 to $600 (for a district-level membership).  Seriously, this is the best $30 I’ve ever spent for teaching!  The iPad version is an extra $10 (totally worth it!!).

NOTE: I do not work for Hellmansoft and I do not get discounts for posting about this software on my blog.  I just really love it and it helps make my day easier, and I love things that make my life easier!

So, tell me, have you used this software before?  Do you like it?