Physical Science

On this page you can see links to all of the units in physical science.  If you are absent, or missed part of the notes, or lost a worksheet or handout, this is the place to come.

NOTE: Printing off the notes from here does not excuse you from taking notes or coming to class.  Coming to class and taking notes is still the best way to learn and succeed.  These notes are only meant to help you catch up if you’ve been absent or serve as an aid in addition to classroom notes.

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Unit 2: Force and Motion

Unit 3: Work and Simple Machines

Unit 4: Waves, Sound, and Light

Unit 5: Matter and Temperature

Unit 6: Atoms and the Periodic Table

Unit 7: Bonding and Chemical Reactions

Unit 8: Acids, Bases, and Solutions

Unit 9: Electricity and Magnetism

Unit 10: Radioactivity

EOCT Review