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Unit 4: Waves, Sound, and Light

Each link will take you to a page of everything we do in class as a PDF file.  If you are absent, or missed part of the notes, or lost a worksheet or handout, this is the place to come.

NOTE: Printing off the notes from here does not excuse you from taking notes or coming to class.  Coming to class and taking notes is still the best way to learn and succeed.  These notes are only meant to help you catch up if you’ve been absent or serve as an aid in addition to classroom notes.

If you do not have a PDF Reader, you can download Adobe Reader HERE for free.

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File NameTypeLink
File NameTypeLink
Curved Mirror Lab Lab Curved Mirror Lab 
Roy G. Biv Music Video Media Roy G. Biv Music Video 
Unit 4 Study Guide Study Guide Unit 4 Study Guide 
Unit 4 PowerPoint Notes Notes Unit 4 PowerPoint Notes 
Waves Notes Notes Waves Notes 
Sound, Light, and Color Notes Notes Sound, Light, and Color Notes 
Beats in a Tuning Fork Media Beats in a Tuning Fork 
Bill Nye: "Baby I Love Your Wave" Media Bill Nye: "Baby I Love Your Wave" 
Mirage on a Road Media Mirage on a Road 
Powerade Surfing Ad Media Powerade Surfing Ad 
Big Bang Theory: "Doppler Effect" Media Big Bang Theory: "Doppler Effect" 
Bathroom Mirror Prank Media Bathroom Mirror Prank 
Infamous Double Slit Experiment Media Infamous Double Slit Experiment 
Light and Color Lab Lab Light and Color Lab 
Graphing Waves Activity Graphing Waves 
Unit 4 Bellwork Bellwork Unit 4 Bellwork 
Unit 4 Vocabulary Activity Unit 4 Vocabulary 
Waves Calculations Practice Activity Waves Calculations Practice 
Waves and Sound Practice Activity Waves and Sound Practice 
Light Practice Packet Activity Light Practice Packet 
Showing 21 items