Keep In Mind:
  • Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the material you’re going to have to remember for the AP exam in May? If you haven’t started already, then start a review routine today.
  • Set aside 30 minutes to one hour each week to work on “The Big Review” (for May APES exam).  If you haven’t done any review yet, then start NOW by preparing/revising a one-page study sheet for each chapter we have covered. Each sheet should contain the essential information that you think may be on the AP exam. This will also help you to prepare for your Quarterly exam.
  • Another long-term review tactic is to keep adding to your pack of flash cards (oops?) and review the words in your deck at least twice a week. Just to make it more interesting, try going through your flashcards backwards: look at the meanings and then guess the word.
  • One way to reduce stress during a big exam is to walk into the exam knowing that you are well-prepared. Start early in your review and keep it up. You’ll score higher on all your AP exams if you’ve made review a weekly habit.